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Derek Hale teaches at the prestigious, all boys school, Beacon Academy. He thinks his life is going pretty great until Stiles Stilinski transfers in. The teen is determined to get under Derek’s skin in every way imaginable. And Derek takes the bait every time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when one particular detention changes everything. Soon Derek finds himself in a secret, tenuous relationship with a student that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard for. But, Derek finds himself thinking, Stiles Stilinski might just be worth the risk.

"Mr. Stilinski. That’s the third time this week you’re out of dress code."

"Well, I guess you’ll just have to give me detention again, huh, Mr. Hale?"

Omg !! I want to

I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen and there are people who forget what it is like to be 16 when they turn 17 and I know these will all be stories someday and our pictures will become old photographs and we will all become somebodies mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here. And I am looking at her and she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you are not a sad story. You are alive. When you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder and you’re listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear we are infinite.

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